Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Diana < 3

So I went and brought myself a Diana Camera and I love it, Im not very good at photography but I really enjoy it, so hopefuly I will get better.
Ive taken a few photo's so far, I really enjoy black and white photography, i think the effects and look is more magical than colour, and I love magical!
So here I go, from now on, This is a blog on how my relationship with Diana pans out.

This is my mums dog boris, I love this picture and this is what made me love black and white. The daisys on the grass make him look asthough he is surrounded by stars in a globe

Again of boris, he takes such pretty pictures, this one looks almost sloping. I like this one, Kind of "Boris in action"

I really love this photo, the circle created on the image was an accident and must have just caught the light, or the light leaked in my camera. A pretty accident.

Okay so I must have had the camera on pinhole setting by mistake, but i just think this photo is amazing and I wish i new how to take more photos like this. 13 is my lucky number too, weird!

I just think this photo is cute, Borris and George, best friends :)

The light really got into this film, havent quite perfected the whole "be carefull and dont expose the film" thing. I like george here though, and i dont think the light spoils the photo too much.

I know the light has totally spoiled this shot, but i still think its pretty cool, And i love it when Borris pulls this face.